IGI Global受邀參加第一屆中外文圖書現貨采購節

IGI Global Was Invited to Participate in the First Foreign and Domestic Books Spot Purchasing Carnival in China

By Iris Zhi on Dec 4, 2019
IGI Global was invited by China Book Import and Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) to participate in the First Foreign and Domestic Books Spot Purchasing Carnival in Beijing. With over 35 domestic libraries and scientific research institutes all over China invited, this carnival is committed to meeting the needs of these libraries and institutes to obtain foreign books and technical information resources through spot purchasing, and to meet the needs of teachers and researchers. Yvonne Li, Director of IGI Science and Technology, Ltd., attended this purchasing carnival and was invited to deliver an opening speech as one of the three representatives of foreign publishers. She expressed her appreciation for CNPIEC’s invitation to IGI Global and the holding of the carnival, which established a platform for direct communication among publishers, CNPIEC, and libraries, and effectively promoted book spot purchasing.

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“Current book purchases are increasingly showing timeliness, professionalism, knowledge and diversity. Spot purchasing and bonded library mode provide better service for libraries,” stated Yvonne Li. “IGI Global has fully achieved the cooperation of CNPIEC with print and e-books, aiming to provide more efficient, more diverse, and more timely services for university libraries and scholars.”

During this purchasing festival, IGI Global exhibited nearly 700 reference books across 11 major subjects in four major disciplines, including business and management, computer science and information technology, education, science and engineering, social sciences, and more, to fully meet the teaching and research needs of teachers, students, and researchers.

For more information regarding IGI Global’s operations in China, visit IGI Global’s China website or follow us on WeChat.
About IGI Science and Technology, Ltd.: Led by Ms. Yvonne Li, Managing Director, our China-based subsidiary of IGI Global opened in early 2019 and provides timely and quality research-based publications in several academic subject areas including information science and technology, science and engineering, and more. Our ultimate goal is to offer the most innovative and highest quality publications in emerging research areas to our Chinese customers and to make sure we support their mission of staying up to date with all emerging trends and innovations taking place in the research and academic community. Learn more at

About CNPIEC: Founded in 1949, China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) is a member company of China Publishing Group Corporation. It is the largest China distributor of publications in terms of scope and titles, from over 110 countries and regions worldwide. Learn more at
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IGI Global受中國圖書進出口(集團)總公司(簡稱中圖)邀請參加在北京舉辦的第一屆中外文圖書現貨采購節。本次采購節有超過35家國內圖書館和科研機構參與,致力于滿足他們通過現貨采購獲取國外圖書和技術信息資源的需求,滿足教師和科研人員在教學和科研方面的需求。IGI Global中國區董事總經理李佳出席本屆采購節并進行開幕致辭。李佳女士對中圖表示誠摯的祝賀和感謝,并表示本次采購節為出版社、中圖及圖書館之間建立了直接溝通的平臺,有效促進了圖書現貨采購。
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“目前的采購越來越多地展現出時效性、專業性、知識性以及多樣性,現采及保稅庫模式為圖書館提供了更優質的服務。”李佳女士說,“IGI Global已全面實現了與中圖在紙質及電子書方面的合作,旨在為高校圖書館及學者提供更高效、更多樣和更及時的服務。”

本次采購節中,IGI Global參展書籍近700種,涵蓋4大類11個主題學科,包括商業、計算機科學、教育、工程、醫學等,充分滿足教師、學生、科研人員的教學及研究需要。

有關IGI Global在中國運營的更多信息,請訪問IGI Global中文網站或關注微信號。
關于IGI Global:在董事總經理李佳女士的帶領下,我們在中國的子公司愛輯科技(北京)有限責任公司于2019年初正式創立,出版涵蓋信息科學與技術、科學與工程等多個學科領域的及時性和高質量的研究性出版物。我們致力于為中國學者和科研人員提供新興研究領域最具創新性和最高質量的出版物,確保其獲取科研和學術界的所有最新趨勢和創新性成果。更多詳細信息,歡迎訪問。

關于CNPIEC:中國圖書進出口(集團)總公司成立于1949年,是中國出版集團公司成員單位,擁有國內外分支機構40多家,已成為中國出版業規模最大、實力最強的進出口企業和國際性書展服務機構。請登錄 了解詳情。
愛輯科技(北京)有限責任公司 李佳 董事總經理 北京市朝陽區倚林佳園24號樓(教育公園)一層113號 郵編:100012
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