The Chinese publication distributor presented IGI Global’s CEO with the award at the Frankfurt International Book Fair.

IGI Global Honored With “Partner of Excellence” Award From CNPIEC

By Brittany Haynes on Oct 24, 2019

Hershey, PA, October 24, 2019 – IGI Global was recently awarded “Partner of Excellence” at the 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair by China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC). CNPIEC is the largest importer of publications in terms of scope and titles in China. Ms. Lin, the VP of CNPIEC, presented the award to Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, IGI Global’s founder and CEO.

“We came a long way from the days when we first entered the Chinese market as we are now being recognized as the ‘Partner of Excellence’ by the largest entity in the publishing industry in China,” said Dr. Khosrow-Pour. “We look forward to continuing our commitment to the academic and research community in China by offering the most innovative and highest quality publications.”

This award follows the opening of IGI Global’s subsidiary office in China, IGI Science and Technology Ltd, earlier this year, which supports the promotion of IGI Global’s fast-growing portfolio of 5,300+ reference books, 185+ scholarly journals, and expansive line of databases. Led by Ms. Yvonne Li, Managing Director of IGI Science and Technology, Ltd., it supports IGI Global’s long-standing relationships with esteemed Chinese partners, book and journal distributors, and agents, while continuing to develop collaborations with IGI Global’s network of Chinese librarians and academic stakeholders.

For more information regarding IGI Global’s operations in China, visit IGI Global’s China website or follow us on WeChat. Additionally, be sure to view the recent highlight from the 2019 Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), where IGI Global was showcased as a leading publishing house during CNPIEC’s “Tribute to Technology Development” event.

About IGI Global: Celebrating over 30 years of publishing excellence, IGI Global boasts an ever-expanding portfolio of over 5,300+ reference books, 185+ highly indexed journals, and a broad collection of InfoSci?-Databases. IGI Global’s commitment to providing the highest quality research and their steadfast pledge to put the research community and underrepresented research concepts before profit makes IGI Global a unique and preferred publisher.

About CNPIEC: Founded in 1949, China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) is a member company of China Publishing Group Corporation. It is the largest China distributor of publications in terms of scope and titles, from over 110 countries and regions worldwide. Learn more at
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IGI Global榮獲中國圖書進出口(集團)總公司“卓越合作伙伴”獎

在法蘭克福國際書展上,中國出版發行商為IGI Global首席執行官頒獎


美國賓夕法尼亞州赫爾希,2019-10-24 – IGI Global于近日在2019年法蘭克福國際書展上被中國圖書進出口(集團)總公司(簡稱:中圖公司)授予“卓越合作伙伴”獎。中圖公司為中國出版業規模最大、實力最強的進出口企業和國際性書展服務機構。在本次書展上,中圖公司副總裁林麗穎女士代表中圖公司為IGI Global創始人兼首席執行官Mehdi Khosrow-Pour博士頒獎。

Khosrow-Pour博士說: “從最初進入中國市場,到現在被中國規模最大的出版企業認可為‘卓越合作伙伴’,我們走過了一段很長的歷程。未來,我們將繼續致力于為中國的學術和研究界提供最具創新性和最高質量的出版物。”

2019年初,IGI Global正式在中國成立分公司——愛輯科技(北京)有限責任公司(IGI science and technology ltd),支持對IGI Global由5300多種參考書、超過185種學術期刊和廣泛的數據庫資源組成的快速壯大的產品集合的推廣。在董事總經理Yvonne Li女士的帶領下,愛輯科技(北京)有限責任公司致力于支持IGI Global與尊敬的中方合作伙伴、圖書和期刊發行商以及代理商開展長期合作關系,同時持續推動與IGI Global 網絡構架中的中國圖書館員和學術利益相關者的合作關系。

有關IGI Global在中國運營的更多信息,請訪問IGI Global中文網站或關注微信號IGI Global。此外,敬請閱讀熱門文章:2019年北京國際書展(BIBF)的最新亮點,IGI Global在“科技發展獻禮活動” 中展示了其作為領先的國際出版社在中國的服務和發展。

關于IGI Global::通過在出版業30多年的成功經營,IGI Global擁有由5300多種參考書、超過185種權威索引期刊和廣泛的InfoSci?-數據庫組成的持續增長的學術集合。IGI Global致力于提供最高品質的研究的理念,以及將研究團體與少數派研究觀點置于利益之上的堅定承諾,使IGI Global成為一家獨具特色且廣受歡迎的出版商。

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